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Complex Collaboration

When you want to bring diverse groups of people together to tackle complex challenges
and amp up your impact by catalysing the power of the collective*,

* collective: any group of two or more humans trying to get good stuff done in the world, together.

In a world where you might be:

  • convening a diverse team to tackle global challenges that require multi-agency and multi-disciplinary cooperation

  • leading complex cross-functional projects in virtual, face-to-face, or hybrid spaces

  • needing to spark creativity to develop innovative solutions

  • wondering how to handle the potential conflict of competing needs in a group

  • collaborating to adapt and still serve an organisation or community's higher purpose


The need to connect, collaborate and adapt is
more im
portant than ever.

Some might say, imperative.


And, anyone who’s ever been in a group that doesn’t gel,
knows that it doesn't happen by accident and when it does all come together, it's incredible and powerful.

Perhaps you'd like to feel the flow of connecting and collaborating with others in a way you know is possible but seldom experience.

Maybe you're working with a team who are trying hard to do great work but just aren't finding their groove together. 

Or you might have a sense that there are potent and practical ways to unlock the power of your community that you haven't fully tapped into yet.

You're not alone!

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It takes is courage to show up differently, heart to hold all the messiness that humans bring to groups, and skills to do collective work well.

You see that. We see that. We can help. It's what we do.

Ways of Working

When you're working with a group who actively want to adapt and improve their ways of working

What are the things you can work on?

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You almost certainly don't have time to take time out from your work to learn new ways of working so our approach is to work in your work to do these things:

Look at dynamics and relationships – whether you attend to them, or not, it's the relationships and patterns of behaviour in a group that enable or disable them from working well together.


Ignore them at your peril!


Look at how things get done – for example, how conflict is handled, how decisions get made, how creativity is supported, how trust is established, strengthened and maintained. 


If you want to get more aware of what's happening, more intentional about how you work together, and more skilful with any of it, we can help.

"I don’t know what I expected but you exceeded my expectations!"

"It is always a pleasure working with you both, and you have made a positive impact on my team and myself over the time we have worked together. I look forward to more collaboration in the coming years."

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