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Wielding your magic

Learning how to bring your most thoughtful and heart-led self to the groups you're in every day is probably one of the best things you'll ever do for yourself and the people you work with. It sets you apart as someone who leads and supports purpose-driven groups that also get stuff done.

Unleash the magic in you...

You're probably curious about how to show up intentionally, as a magical human being, in any group, instead of relying on instinct or leaving your presence to chance.


And you almost certainly have some skills in this area already because you wouldn't be who you are, doing the work you're doing if you didn't, but maybe you'd like to feel more confident about actively developing relationships to do good work, with groups, in groups - large or small.

Perhaps you're open to exploring yourself and your impact on others because you know it's important to the work you do, the life you lead and the lasting impact you have, and you want to amp that up.

We believe that growing your own awareness, presence, and the skills for being more intentional in groups is the way to conjure and wield your own magic and we'd love to help you do it. 

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A unique programme for
people as leaders and leaders as people

Find YOUR inner and outer power; explore and articulate how YOU bring your humanity, unique passions, talents and skills - both natural and learned - to the world.

What's YOUR magic and
how will you wield it?

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Unleashing magic in groups...

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It can often start with some simple tools and techniques, although these alone have limited value. It's our mental models - starting with how we even conceive of a group - and how we then show up to lead or participate that really makes the difference.


We've spent a lifetime honing our practice (and are still learning every day) and we're keen to support anyone who is developing their own craft, just as we were the beneficiaries of generous support from a previous generation of practitioners. All we ask is an open mind and a willingness to come along, play and learn in a space of not-knowing and experimentation.


We provide a range of opportunities for learning together, to enable you to create your own curriculum, for wherever you are in your journey.

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To deepen understanding of the underpinning theories and concepts, like:

  • Why gather? - how we conceive of a group and its work, and the underpinning mental models that support working with groups and teams​​​

  • The architecture of groups - designing processes that work for humans 

  • Unlocking the power of technology - tips for working well in online spaces and remote teams

  • Harnessing the wisdom of crowds - lifting the lid on large group dynamics 



Aimed at skill-building for anyone working in or leading groups:

  • Practical magic - fundamental skills for working with groups and teams, for anyone who leads or is part of one (so, for anyone!)

  • Honing our craft - turning up the heat to facilitate with intention and skill to unlock the power of group dynamics


Learning Labs

Experiential deep dive into group dynamics and how we show up in groups:

  • Dynamic alchemy - use of self to foster community, connection and collaboration

  • Uniqueness is a superpower - working inclusively with difference in groups

  • Hybrid hell or heaven? - the extreme sport arena of group gatherings

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