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Where we're coming from

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(aka our philosophy on life and our work) 

We believe that the way we live and work in groups is fundamental to the world and, therefore, at the heart of how we can change our world for the better.  We've dedicated ourselves to this belief and to our love of groups and we now bring decades of learning and experience to our working partnerships with others. 

There are no limits, in our experience, to what a group can achieve when they are both connected and free

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It starts with a cause, a complex challenge, a need we see in the world, or even the possibility of something imagined: something that connects people through their heads, hearts and guts!


At the heart of powerful collectivism is our ability to hold differences and create meaningful connection, which activates each of us.

As each person contributes in a group and becomes more of themselves, growing in spirals & iterations of connection and learning together, this leads to increased collective impact.

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Working like this is unmanageable with a traditional approach and can sometimes be uncomfortable as we step into the
often-messy complexity of humanity and work in a way that's both dynamic and emergent.

It can't always be predicted and it can never be controlled.


But, when we do go there, it's both fulfilling and boundless:

  • Fulfilling - from the sense of belonging we feel and connection to our deepest hearts and values through our cause.

  • Boundless - because there are no limits to what a group can achieve when they're connected and free.

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