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The Seventh Wave*

We believe wholeheartedly that we're meant to live and work in community
so we're creating a space where people can experience this

It's a way of working. It's a way of living. It's a way of being.

It's a community for people who are seeking to learn & grow together,
with love.

We're creating a space for those who'd like to experience an antidote to the disconnection of modern living or remote working, and who choose instead to spend some time:

Connected to self Connected to othersConnected to nature

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* Why The Seventh Wave? Find out here...

The story so far...


That's the headline. But, of course, that's not how it started. And that's only some of the story. It's taken us nearly two years to get this far...


We emerged from the blur of the pandemic years determined to create a different way of living and working for ourselves, our families, friends, and colleagues, and to actively foster community amongst those we live and work with. We're tired of waiting for the solutions to come from on high. We want to create an antidote to the world woes of ill health, greed, and rampant individualism.

We didn't have a clue where to start.  So we began, as we often do, with an experiment.


We went to Barbados.


We booked some flights, rented a small house in the jungle overlooking the sea for three months and headed into the unknown. Only one thing was clear: we wanted to experience what it's actually like to live and work differently. Very differently.

And it was different. We worked, we walked, we swam, we invited loved ones to visit, we made new friends, we drank cocktails, and we ate fruit off the trees on our doorstep. We sat on our verandah and talked - all through the day and long into the night. We reconnected to our hearts, to our purpose, to our work. And an idea began to take shape.


This project is what's emerging from that idea.

We bought an acre of land on a tropical island and we're creating a community where people can live and work differently.

Read on to see what happened next...

The Seventh Wave Vision





"The vision of this place is to create community - a model of a micro society where people find their own space for privacy, as well as places of gathering, exchange, movement and education." - Alexis Dornier

We know we have enormous moral support, for which we're extremely thankful.
We wouldn't have come this far without it.
And we also know that, alone, we can't bring this to l
ife. We need help.

Community building requires community to build it...

The help that's needed now:

  • Money - we've spent pretty much every penny we had getting to this point and it's not going to move to the next phase until we can unlock some more

We're working on this ourselves and we're now seeking some financial contributions beyond our own pockets from those who might have the wherewithal and the desire to help in this way


The original budget for the project build was a quarter of a million dollars but we're planning to do it more cheaply by doing a phased self-build, with help

We already know it's going to cost us in the order of $30k to get an initial structure on the land so that's the next step

  • Community building experience and advice - we've spent our lives and careers working in groups and building community but we've never done it quite like this before, so we're eager to learn from those who have or who have ideas to share

  • Thinking partnerswillingness to participate in some virtual meetings to help us brainstorm as the phases unfold

  • Practical Skills – builders, plumbers, carpenters, electricians, decorators, soft furnishing makers, gardeners, farmers, people who know about power generation, composting toilets, grey water recycling, container swimming pools, building pallet furniture, someone to design & build yoga platform on the coral rock

  • Jacks and Jills of all trades - i.e. people willing to do whatever’s needed on the ground e.g. wield a paintbrush, drive for supplies, make sandwiches, dig holes, sew cushions, you name it

  • Artistic Flair - artists, photographers, writers, storytellers, musicians

  • Donations of stuff – tools, IT tech for digital nomading and remote working(advice and sourcing) , pizza oven, anything else...

Any other offers you can make?

We don't know what we don't know and are open to suggestions

What we're offering in return:

  • A chance to be part of something bigger than any one of us - creating the world we want tomorrow, starting today - for each other, for younger people, for the planet...

  • Time in the community - the opportunity to actually spend time living and working differently when it's built - for a few days, a few weeks, a few months - you decide

  • Accommodation in Barbados - as soon as we have some space built, we will make this available (at no cost) for those who are coming over to help

  • A view of the ocean - even if you can't be there, when you need a hit of tropical ocean beauty check out our live webcam (coming soon)

  • The trials, tribulations and triumphs - Regular updates on progress. It'll be like your own soap opera unfolding...

  • A week in Barbados in April 2024 - we'll rent a local hotel and are inviting 12 people to come and spend a week there with us, getting stuck into the build, and also enjoying the island.


Your accommodation (and at least a cocktail or two) is on us!


Getting there, food, local transport etc. are on you. 


Register your interest on the form below...

Any other offers you'd be open to?

We don't know what we don't know and are open to suggestions

We'd love to hear what you think or how you'd like to be involved

“To feel a sense of belonging is important because it will lead us from conversations about safety and comfort to other conversations, such as our relatedness and willingness to provide hospitality and generosity. [....] These are two elements that we want to nurture as we work to create, strengthen, and restore our communities.” 
Peter Block
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The healing power of the natural world is something I really appreciate. To spend time outside, even for a short time can be so restorative and therapeutic. To be able to grow food, make work, connect with nature and with others, and for all of those elements to be intertwined feels a very positive way to live.” 
Alice Fox
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