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Who are you?

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If you're wondering if we're right for each other...

  • You know the challenge of trying to lead & facilitate a group yourself and want a trusted partner to work with you and get the best from your group.

  • You've experienced mediocre facilitation before and are looking for something exceptional.

  • You look for and value learning in everything you do.

  • You are open to new ideas, willing to experiment with working differently, and appreciate the need to work emergently in complex situations.

  • Your focus is on lasting impact and the real efficacy of your work, not just superficial quick wins.

  • You value people as whole human beings, not just human resources. 

Who are we?

For those who haven't met us yet and would like to know

where we've come from and what motivates us...

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25 years of working in this field means we have an extensive network of amazing consultants who specialise in different aspects of organisational and behavioural work.

For each client project we put together the relevant (and, we like to think, perfect) team for the work.

Our own (learning) journey

Scroll to learn about a bit more about how we got here



Founded on the premise that meetings are mostly sh*t!

We want to offer something that unlocks the potential in these meeting spaces. Very few people are doing it.



If we give people tools and training they'll use them...

We publish books, deliver training & share other resources we  create. 

How naive we are.

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